SSB and CW Exciter

My SSB and CW exciter design from 2007 directly generates RF at the output frequency using a DAC and an FPGA. It is controlled by Ethernet. All the design files are located in When you un-zip this file be sure to preserve the directory (folder) names. You will also need the QUISK software for the PC.

An article describing my exciter appeared in the May/June 2008 issue of QEX magazine. The article is available here.

The software is in the following directories:
    The FPGA program for SSB is in Altera/duc1.
    The FPGA program for CW is in Altera/duc1cw.
    The FPGA program for a two-tone test is in Altera/fpga2tone.
    The FPGA libraries are in Altera/LocalLib.
    The AVR microcontroller software is in AVR/Duc1.
    The PC board files for Eagle are in Eagle/DUC2.